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  • 3rd Party Ground Handling Check-in & 电子客票

    第三方地面处理签到让航空公司能够使用他们的系统在地面处理另一家航空公司,以执行机场的功能,如签到, gates and boarding.

  • Agency Air Shopping

    Gone are the days when passengers had little access to airline deals. Not only have travelers become more sophisticated about searching for fares, they expect instant results and personalized offers.

  • Agency Core Service

    旅行社每天都面临着创建和管理大量预订的问题. To handle all of these transactions, it’s critical to have access to core services.

  • Agency Data & 分析

    It can be difficult to make timely business decisions with limited access to air, hotel and rental car booking data and analytics. 旅行社通常不得不依靠手动或部分自动的电子机票跟踪, including coupon status updates and refunds, exchanges and unused tickets. This is a time-consuming process that’s prone to human error, resulting in missed profit opportunities.

  • Agency Managed Commission

    代理商依靠前端佣金来实现他们的整体收入目标. 目前, 计算这些佣金是一个手工过程,这会降低代理的生产力和收入潜力. On average, it takes eight minutes to issue a commissionable ticket.

  • Agency Retailer

    Within the highly competitive travel industry, agencies have had to rethink how they can remain profitable. 为了优化收入,许多人发现,利用更聪明的零售方式至关重要.

  • Air Price IQ

    Imagine adjusting your prices in real time based on capacity, competition and traveler context at scale. 澳门永利贵宾会 Air Price IQ可以通过分析市场来提高定价精度, pricing and revenue management strategies, and booking velocity. Powered by 澳门永利贵宾会 Travel AI ™, 航空价格智商使用先进的机器学习模型来优化价格建议,并帮助您的航空公司通过更多相关的报价驱动转换.

  • Airline Ancillaries

    To deliver a higher level of customer service and build customer loyalty, 航空公司越来越多地为乘客提供更加个性化的票价选择和灵活性. 然而, it can be a challenge to deliver consistent ancillary pricing, booking and fulfillment across both distribution channels and partner airlines.

  • Airline Availability


  • Airline Core Services

    对于航空公司来说,每天在系统中创建和管理所有的预订是一个挑战. For this reason, it’s crucial that they can tap into a variety of core services.

  • Airline Shopping

    旅行者比以往任何时候都更了解情况,他们正在通过各种渠道和来源购物,以找到最好的价格. 他们还要求从非旅游零售商那里获得他们所期望的即时个性化内容.

  • Airport Check-in

    Airport Check-in provides fast, 可靠和全面的登机手续选择,加快和提高旅客的体验,同时精简航空公司机场代理的运作效率.

  • Airport Management

    航空公司一直面临着提高运营效率和优化劳动力利用率的压力. 与此同时,他们必须不断努力,为乘客提供卓越的体验.

  • Ancillary IQ

    澳门永利贵宾会辅助IQ显示旅行者最有可能购买的辅助澳门永利贵宾会和捆绑澳门永利贵宾会. 它使航空公司能够动态地为座位、行李、座位升级、休息室通行证等定价. Embedded machine-learning models, powered by 澳门永利贵宾会 Travel AI™, 考虑购物数据和旅行者的购买概率,实时优化辅助价格.

  • Auto Seating

    对于航空公司来说,给予那些已经获得或需要高优先地位的人特别的考虑可能是一个真正的挑战. High-value customers and those with special needs are just a few examples.

  • Automated Exchange

    Automated Exchanges为您提供最高水平的重新定价自动化计算复杂票价, tax and penalty information on exchanges.

  • Automated Exchange and Refunds


  • Automated Refunds

    Automated Refunds expedites and simplifies the ticket refund process.

  • Automation Hub

    每一天, 旅行社要执行许多重复的人工任务,比如检查旅客订座机的预订状态, schedule changes, non-active air segment cancellations and HS status. Just to name a few. Not only does this time-consuming work take up most of the day, it keeps agents from serving customers and can result in costly human errors. 经常, agencies receive ADMs (Agency Debit Memos) from airlines due to these errors, incurring avoidable expenses.

  • Automation Solutions

    Travel agents spend nearly 70 percent of their day completing manual tasks. They’re forced to handle ticketing, exchanges, refunds and more by hand. To make matters worse, there’s always the potential for human error.

  • Branded Fares


  • Card Services

    Card Services is the preferred merchant application of 澳门永利贵宾会 Red 360, allowing agencies to become the merchant on credit card transactions.

  • Cargo Revenue Manager

    航空公司 often struggle to forecast available capacity for carrying cargo. 作为一个结果, 由于定价不准确,这可能会对运营和其他领域产生连锁反应. 没有一个自动的方法来评估和定价来的货物预订请求, 运营商必须手动评估一切,而不总是考虑所有的变量. Not only is this process time-consuming and prone to human error, it can cost airlines business due to late responses.

  • 汽车

    Today’s travelers are more global than ever before. They demand the freedom to go wherever they like with no boundaries to limit them.

  • Codeshare

    对于航空公司来说,在他们没有意识或历史记录的地方立足是很困难的. 扩大ing operations is critical to grow internationally.

  • Codeshare Manager

    许多航空公司利用与其他航空公司的合作关系来扩大网络,开拓新市场. 这些代码共享协议的规模越来越大,管理起来也越来越复杂.

  • Content Services for 住宿

    Bringing over a million property options into one display.

  • Crew Management

    管理航空机组人员是一个复杂且高度复杂的业务流程,涉及许多利益相关者. 没有高级解决方案的支持,无法常规地管理复杂的信息流, the interdependent planning, 更改管理和恢复流程很难无缝执行. It’s also crucial that crew members are able to provide, retrieve and acknowledge this information on their mobile devices.

  • 巡航

    巡航 and river line travel continues to grow in popularity around the world. Passengers love the glamour and excitement of sailing to various ports of call.

  • Custom Messaging


  • Customer Data Hub

    在每一位乘客的旅程中提供全渠道的个性化服务是澳门永利贵宾会的目标. 然而,由于内部系统过于单一,数据存储和处理技术的缺陷仍然阻碍了一些航空公司整合旅客信息.

  • Customer Experience Manager

    在当今竞争激烈的航空业,个性化是差异化的关键. To stand out, it’s important to provide service that is customer-centric.

  • Customer 的见解

    说客户数据管理在旅游业中至关重要是轻描淡写的. To be successful, airlines need visibility and access to travelers’ information.

  • Digital Connect APIs

    On average, customers visit over 20 websites before booking a trip. 竞争, 航空公司必须改变他们的旅游生态系统,以提供满足每位乘客个人需求的个性化体验.

  • Digital Experience

    It’s estimated that millennials will soon make up 50% of business travel. 此外,未来85%的客户与企业的互动都不会涉及到人类.

  • Digital Workspace